Recent Grads: Tips for Your PR Job Search by Jerry Rizzo


Let’s face it, searching for a job is no fun.  Job searching requires ample attention that we sometimes do not have to give.  There is no easy way around job searching, but there are a few things we can do to assure our efforts are worth the while.

First things first.

Have all of your materials (resume, cover letter and professional references) on stand-by and ready for submission to online applications.  Having your materials ready will save you lots of time.  I personally keep my materials saved to my desktop for easy access.

Make it a habit.

Shower. Coffee. Search. Repeat.  Job searching and applying daily is key in landing interviews and potentially your first PR gig.  Create your personal “search circuit” or your go-to PR job posting sites.  Be sure to visit these sites and tap your social networks daily for the most recent posts.  It’s easy enough to browse postings over a cup of joe at the kitchen counter.

Try these top sites:

Try these hashtags on Twitter: #PRJobs #PRIntern #PRCareers

Be first.

StartWire has recently released a study emphasizing the importance being one of the first applicants to a job posting.  StartWire reports that among those hired 27% applied within the first two days after a job was posted. Nearly 50% of the hires were applicants who applied within the first week and approximately 75% of all hired candidates applied within three weeks.

When it comes to applying to a job there should be little debate and lag time.  The longer you wait the further the opportunity drifts to sea.  Be sure to search the most recently posted positions in order to increase your chances of getting hired.

Slim your search.

There are lots and lots of positions out there on the world wide web, but it’s not conducive to your job search goals to apply to each and everyone that appears.  Take into consideration the nature of the work, your skills, company culture and your short and long-term career goals.  There is no doubt in my mind that we can all find jobs, but our challenge is to find the position that best suites our skills in an organization that will allow us to develop professionally.

Environment and attitude.

Tackle each job search session with a headstrong, positive attitude.  A positive attitude will transpire into a more concise job search and it will allow you to be more effective when addressing a potential employer about a position.

Set yourself up in an environment that grants you clarity and focus for your search.  In your space you will be able to better map out, monitor,  and further develop you job search.

  • Find a private room or an area in a room that you can devote solely to your job search.
  •  Grant yourself plenty of desk space to keep organized with.
  • Keeping your space neat and clear will keep your brain the same.