How Would I Describe Primary Element [PE] ? by Jerry Rizzo


Today, while driving 95 North out of Philadelphia I received a message from [PE] (DMV/Penn State based hip-hop group) member Mike Wallz that asked “How would you describe Primary Element and what do you like most about us?”   I couldn’t immediately respond, because I was behind the wheel and I wanted to make sure I gave Mike a helpful response.

First things first,  I started following [PE] about a year ago.  I was turned on to the group by friend and video producer DJ Broccoli who had been working closely with the group.  It only took a few bars for me to get hooked on what these guys were doing.

I was persistant in sharing their music over the social web and was especially determined to promote their album “Ambition” that dropped last February.  I continue to follow the group’s progression closely and share my thoughts and PR insight as it arises.

So, to answer your question Mike

I would describe [PE] as original college steppin’ dream chasers in hot pursuit of greatness.  When I say greatness it’s not limited to hip-hop.  These are hip-hop and visual art visionaries with ambition pushing others to be ambitious through their creative flows.

What I saw in [PE] was a fresh, young talented trio working tenaciously to create a completely original sound.  If there is one absolute truth in this world it’s that you cannot deny hard work.  [PE] is continuously evolving and growing their sound, which makes each release worth while.  What I also like about [PE] is that the group is transparent to it’s fan base. When I wake up and check my Twitter feed I usually know what Stan’s eating or what Stephen’s working on.  It’s great from a fan perspective to follow the evolution of a group and especially their sound.  Finally, what I think sets [PE] apart and why they are a likable group is that they have chosen to be who they are and promote what they believe.  Go get it!