[REVIEW] OneSchool for iOS


About OneSchool

OneSchool is a comprehensive mobile app available for iOS and Android that aims to serve college students of all levels as a go-to campus guide.  The app includes everything from campus maps powered by Google to a campus bus tracker powered by local transit authorities to eatery directories.  The app developed by Penn State University students is anticipated to receive even more updates in the coming months.


– Campus maps powered by Google Maps is fast and convenient to access from the apps home screen.

– Bus Tracker feature includes both campus and community bus tracking in real time, so that no matter where you are or where you have to go you are able to plan your daily commutes more accordingly.

– Comprehensive schedule of courses feature makes textbook searching and scheduling on the go a breeze.

– Food, Group and Student directories put campus life in the palm of your hand.

– The school wall allows you to read and share all things about your school’s campus via Facebook.

– The news feature feeds top articles from your school’s publications. (Probably my favorite feature)


-OneSchool is currently only available to Penn State University, UC Berkeley and the University of Southern California.

Final Thought

OneSchool is a must-have for all student’s to have in their app arsenal.  It’s certain that OneSchool will release their all inclusive app to hundreds of more schools in the future.  Each school’s version of the app is custom tailored by talented developers making each school’s experience unique.  I would recommend OneSchool to student’s and faculty alike.

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)