5 Social Media Must Do’s for Job Seekers by Jerry Rizzo


Recently Career Enlightenment, an online resource for job seekers, published an infographic that highlights how recruiters are turning to social media to find and assess talent.  Reportedly 89 percent of recruiters utilize social media and 86 percent of recruiters insist that users make their profile employer-friendly.  That begs the question.  Are your network profiles in ship shape?  If not, here are five social media must do’s to make you stand out and give you a competitive edge.

Account for your Accounts

How many Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts do you have?  Make sure all of your accounts are accounted for.  If you have 2 or more registered accounts on the same network, odds are that your name is on an inactive, unkept profile.  Be sure to delete duplicates to insure that employers aren’t getting the wrong impression.

Primp your Profile

There’s a good chance that your network profile is the first impression upon a recruiter, so make sure to comb it’s hair.  Organize your profile accordingly, as you would a resume.  Meticulously comb each section for grammar mistakes.  A well structured and proofread profile speaks volumes of your attention to detail.  Just because it seems like your palling around on Facebook, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep things in order.

Connect and Contribute

The whole idea here is to go pro isn’t it?  Research the leading companies and contributors in your field in order to familiarize yourself with current topics, events, dialogue and industry leaders.  Recruiters are interested in your interests.  Almost every network whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter displays your liked pages, people you follow and groups you’ve joined.  Show employers that you know who and what matters by associating and contributing with relevant posts and comments.

Build It and They Will Come

An online portfolio is the best way to display your work and show employers that you’re willing to go the extra mile.  Blog platforms such as WordPress (my favorite) and Blogger are easy to design and use.  A domain name (www.yourname.com) will only run you about 12 dollars a year, which is well worth it.

Extend Your Reach

You will find that the social web is loaded with resources for finding jobs, but the best resource you can utilize is your own network.  Believe it or not you have people in your network that can help us or at least direct you in landing your next gig.  There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to your connections as long as you remain polite and professional.