5 Social Media Don’ts for Job Seekers by Jerry Rizzo


In follow up to my most recent post 5 Social Media Must Do’s for Job Seekers I wanted to post a few social media moves that could get you kicked clean out of the running for a position.

Desperate? Who me?

I know it’s easy to become discouraged and desperate while searching for the right job for you, but it’s important to internalize these feelings and keep them off of your profile feeds.  Recruiters aren’t interested in desperate job seekers who just want a job.  Keep it together.

Pest Control

Congratulations! You’ve connected with a few company employees that seem pretty hip.  This isn’t your go ahead to ask for recommendations, harass them about your application status or try schmoozing them by commenting on every one of their posts.  Make sure that your online  interactions with potential employers and their employees are professional and genuine.  Don’t force it!

Don’t Show Your Cards

It’s no secret that you’re applying to multiple positions in your job search, which is perfectly ok.  It becomes not okay when you begin to post about where and when you’re interviewing.  It becomes a conflict of interest for you and for the companies that are interested in you.  It can be insulting for a recruiter to read that a candidate is “So excited to finally interview @Google tomorrow after a quick interview in San Fran.”  It’s in your best interest to go about your leads discretely offline.

Not so Social

Don’t allow your profile feeds to be purely social.  Make sure you are posting and commenting on relevant content in your field.  I love sending Kitten videos as much as the next guy, but don’t let them account for 99.9% of your shared content.

Relax. Don’t freak.
Let’s face it.  Getting rejected sucks, but remember it’s not personal.  A rejection isn’t the green light to put a companies human resources on full blast.  Firstly, nobody truly cares about your online ranting.  Secondly, it’s a good reason for another company not to hire you.  Save two birds by not throwing that ugly social media rant stone.