How 9/11 is Being Commemorated Across the Social Web a Decade Later


A decade ago online social communities were still in their novelty phases and were not the social influencers they are today.  A decade later, on the 10 year anniversary of the tragic September 11th attacks, millions of users are logging on and remembering the fateful day.

Bloggers Reflect

Bloggers are posting recaps and reflections of the tragic day. They are posting detailed descriptions of where they were, what they thought and  how the events changed their lives.  Posts like this one from Derek display his written thoughts for his loved ones and those affected. Read Derek’s post or Rolando’s that explains what it was like to become a dad on 9/11:

Commemorative Twitter Accounts

Communications agency FRANK is commemorating 9/11 ten years later by recreating the events of that day in a realtime Twitter feed from New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani’s point of view.  Follow the full feed here:!/frankosl


Facebook Pages

Many social sites have prompted visitors to share their reflections and many users have voluntarily shared their deepest thoughts via Facebook status updates, profile pictures and notes.  Facebook pages such as are serving as online forums for remembrance.