Understanding Facebook Subscriptions by Jerry Rizzo


Before you start to panic about how Facebook’s new Subscriptions feature is going to complicate your Facebook experience just know that you’re in full control.  The new feature was introduced this afternoon and will allow you to subscribe to user’s public updates without being friends with them.

Sound a little stalkeresque?  No worries.  The feature is totally optional.

In order to activate  the Subscriptions feature you must click Edit Settings > Turn Subscribers On.

For those of you that do opt for Subscriptions, this is a helpful feature if you are trying to grow your  audience.  You can expect a more Twitter like posting style, since what you are doing is following and being followed.  The feature, much like Twitter, displays how many profiles you are subscribed to as well as how many subscribe to you.

The feature becomes a little more complex depending on if you subscribe to a friend or non-friend.  When you decide to subscribe to a friend’s updates you are able to fine tune what updates you would like to receive, but when you decide to subscribe to a non-friend’s profile you will only receive public updates from that user.

Like I said, don’t panic.  You can simply stand by and watch how other users work this new feature for now.