Facebook Lists Have Arrived (The Breakdown) by Jerry Rizzo


First, it was subscriptions.  Then, it was a fixed toolbar.  Finally, in what has been a busy week for the social supersite, Facebook introduces Lists.  Facebook’s latest Lists feature makes it easy to group people you have similar relationships to and view their updates in a separate collective feed.

About Lists

For starters users can view the new Lists feature beneath the Favorites menu on the left side of your newsfeed.  Facebook has already created basic default lists for users such as Close Friends, Acquaintances, Family , Schools, Limited and Restricted.  Additionally  with Lists you are able to create your own custom lists for grouping your friends. 


Can’t decide what friends go in what list?  No problem!  Facebook conveniently suggest friends that they think would be appropriate for your list.  You can find your suggestions on the right hand side of the list you are creating.

*Note: I just created my “Family” list and all of the Facebook suggestions were spot-on accurate.

Posting in Lists

Once you create a list you’ll be able to post updates within it.  Your posts will only be seen by those you have selected to be in the list.  Want to get the family together?  Simply post the event details in your list as your status and BOOM the whole family is invited.

Manage Lists

Some additional options within the feature that can be utilized by clicking the “Manage List” tab in the upper right hand corner of your list include:

Rename List – Change the name of your list

Add/Remove Friends – Simply add or remove friends from lists

Merge Lists– Allows you to easily merge two exisiting lists

Choose Update Types – Choose what sort of updates you would like to receive from friends in a particular list