A Brief Update – 5/15/2012


I haven’t posted in some time so I figured I’d post Instagram photos from my most recent trips with the Sixers. The last two weeks or so I’ve been traveling with the team to gather playoff content for Sixers.com and Sixers Social. I’ve been privileged to travel to both Chicago and Boston in this time to document the Sixers’ series vs. the Bulls (Round 1) and Celtics (Round 2). Both great cities and great experiences (the team’s success has made it that much sweeter).  Check out some of the photos I’ve grabbed from the trips. I try to post as many interesting personal photos from the road as possible.

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Reader’s Park. Boston, Massachusetts Image

TD Garden (Home of the Boston Celtics). Boston, MassachusettsImage

Taking off for Boston. Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaImage

Chicago skyscrapers from Northwestern University Campus. Chicago, Illinois


Wrigley Field. Chicago, IllinoisImage

Chicago subway graffiti art. Chicago, Illinois


A view of the city from the train. Chicago IllinoisImage