@Tide cleans up on Twitter on NFL draft night


If you want a lesson in real-time social media marketing and web content creation, check out what @Tide was up to last night during the 2013 NFL Draft. As team’s drafted their next superstar the creative & digital crew over at Tide was busy at work crafting these bad boys to fire out into the Twitterverse…


Fans were amped to see the newest member of their team as the #AboutOurColors hashtag achieved over 12,000 shares on Twitter overnight.  The made-for-Twitter campaign opted to incorporate a shortened bit.ly link to a Flickr gallery  rather than use independent image hosting service TwitPic, so users could view and download the player graphics. Tweets were sent from the @Tide account and then sent on draftee accounts.

Despite the planning and coordinating that I imagine went into it all, the effort goes to show that there is big-time winning happening in digital content on the real-time front.

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