Famous Coffee is Del.icio.us!


Famous Coffee is being featured on¬†http://delicious.com/today. ¬†That’s right! Yours truly. ¬†In the spirit of National Coffee Day I created a stack (A newly added site feature) using links from my latest microblogging experiment. ¬†It’s apparent that¬†the team at Del.icio.us was into it and chose to feature it on their homepage. ¬†Very cool.

Check out the screenshot:


What is Famous Coffee?


For those of you who are not familiar, Tumblr. is a largely popular microblogging or tumbleblogging site. ¬†In fact, the site boasts over¬†13 billion page views a month.¬†¬†Lately I’ve been stumbling ¬†across articles that ¬†highlight some of the most interesting Tumblr. blogs. ¬†My favorites include Dancing Dads, Crap At My Parents House and ¬†Lunch Bag Art¬†.¬†¬†I’ve had my own Tumblr. account for some time, but I was inspired by what the creatives on Tumblr. were doing with these unique microblogs and decided to get creative myself.

Famous Coffee¬†is a Tumblr. blog dedicated to posting pictures of famous figures drinking coffee. ¬†On the blog I’ve included a complete archive and a separate page dedicated to classic coffee drinking icons. ¬†It’s interesting to see coffee as a constant throughout time. ¬†From Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt to Barack Obama; my coffee/celeb mashup is definitely worth a gander.