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MensHealth.com’s Kasey Panetta recently caught up with me to poke my brain about social media and how it can be effective in searching for your next gig. I wanted to be clear in that optimizing social search is simple and puts the job search, CEO, and hiring managers at your fingertips. Kasey also called upon a few others with social savvy to weigh in on the topic.

Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job

by Kasey Panetta

“just got a new suit. who wants 2 #hireme?”

Twitter may sometimes seem like a 140-character cesspool of celebrity gossip and teenage angst, but, if used correctly, it can be a killer job-hunting tool.

Just ask Jerry Rizzo, Social Media Coordinator for the Philadelphia 76ers, who used Twitter to make the connections to land his dream gig. When the Sixers—home of our favorite Men’s Health intern, Evan Turner—launched a contest to choose the team’s new mascot, Rizzo registered Twitter accounts for two of the final suggestions, @PhilEMoose and@BFranklinDogg, and started tweeting. Impressed with Rizzo’s entrepreneurial efforts, Sixers brass soon offered the amateur a plum social media job.

And Rizzo isn’t the only one using the site for a career boost: There were nearly 300 million mentions of jobs, job openings, and hiring opportunities on Twitter in 2012, according to the company.

But like any job search, tweeting for employment is still a daunting task. So we enlisted the help of top career experts to come up with this 7-step plan to get you from @yourcouch to @thecorneroffice.

Step 1: Pick the Right Handle and Headshot
Create a handle that is reflective of who you are, but also professional, says Rich DeMatteo, co-founder of Bad Rhino, Inc., a Philadelphia-based social media marketing agency. It’s probably easiest to use your name—particularly if you’re in a more traditional field—but if you’re trying to brand yourself, tie it into your blog title or company name. As for the picture, a simple headshot (it doesn’t have to be professional) is best.

Step 2: Fill Your 160-Character Profile
Keep it memorable yet professional, and avoid long sentences, says DeMatteo. Make sure what you say makes sense for the industry and company you want to work for. For example, if you’re looking to work in accounting, be a little more formal.  Try “I’m John Smith. I have a CPA from XX University.” and link to your LinkedIn.  If you’re in graphic design, be a little quirky.  Try “John. Social Media. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches.” with a link to your portfolio. Most importantly? Be transparent, says DeMatteo. You want to sound the way you actually are.



Social Media: Penn State’s Office of Social Media’s Geoff Rushton


I recently caught up with Penn State Office of Social Media’s social media manager Geoff Rushton to talk social strategy, trends and how social media has aided Penn State University in crisis over the past year. Geoff is a Penn State Class of 2001 College of Communications graduate with a strong background in journalism, public relations and new media management.

Established in the fall of 2011, the Office of Social Media is keeping a pulse of what is going on in the social sphere on and off campus as well as providing guidance and collaboration for individuals or organizations who want to fine tune their social efforts.

“The great thing for us at Penn State is that there are a lot of people here to learn from.” said Geoff of the benefits of exploring social media on Penn State’s diverse campus.

Dear Old State’s social media following boasts nearly 350,000 members. It’s the responsibility of the Office of Social Media to keep up with, what Geoff referred to as, a “wealth of content” ranging from the College of Agricultural Science to the Clown Nose Club. He also noted the challenges that the surplus of content brings.

When crisis emerged in the past year at the University, millions all over the world weighed in over the social media airwaves to publicize their thoughts. Geoff explains the approach the Office of Social Media took to facilitating conversations, disseminating news,  and responding to questions surrounding the “white hot” issues via Penn State’s social channels.

To wrap my conversation with Geoff I asked him a couple questions about emerging trends he anticipates in the coming year and his thoughts on the current state of the social media workspace. Geoff explains how anyone can make social media part of their career.

A very big thank you to Geoff Rushton for his time and  insight.

Visual.ly Breaks Down Your Tweeting into a Fun Infographic


While browsing a recent connection’s blog I discovered Visual.ly. Visual.ly allows you to easily create simple infographics from info and trends that it pulls from your own Twitter or Facebook accounts. As you can see below, the site pulled items such as number of followers, follow-back ratio and frequently used tags from my profile. I suggest giving it a go and see what you learn about your social media habits. Enjoy!

Facebook Lists Have Arrived (The Breakdown) by Jerry Rizzo


First, it was subscriptions.  Then, it was a fixed toolbar.  Finally, in what has been a busy week for the social supersite, Facebook introduces Lists.  Facebook’s latest Lists feature makes it easy to group people you have similar relationships to and view their updates in a separate collective feed.

About Lists

For starters users can view the new Lists feature beneath the Favorites menu on the left side of your newsfeed.  Facebook has already created basic default lists for users such as Close Friends, Acquaintances, Family , Schools, Limited and Restricted.  Additionally  with Lists you are able to create your own custom lists for grouping your friends. 


Can’t decide what friends go in what list?  No problem!  Facebook conveniently suggest friends that they think would be appropriate for your list.  You can find your suggestions on the right hand side of the list you are creating.

*Note: I just created my “Family” list and all of the Facebook suggestions were spot-on accurate.

Posting in Lists

Once you create a list you’ll be able to post updates within it.  Your posts will only be seen by those you have selected to be in the list.  Want to get the family together?  Simply post the event details in your list as your status and BOOM the whole family is invited.

Manage Lists

Some additional options within the feature that can be utilized by clicking the “Manage List” tab in the upper right hand corner of your list include:

Rename List – Change the name of your list

Add/Remove Friends – Simply add or remove friends from lists

Merge Lists– Allows you to easily merge two exisiting lists

Choose Update Types – Choose what sort of updates you would like to receive from friends in a particular list

5 Startups That Will Rock In 2012 by Jerry Rizzo


Phone Deck

Probably my most anticipated startup.  This mobile app brings your phone to your desktop.  With this app you’ll be able to make calls with just one click, send and receive SMS, organize your contacts, analyze your phone usage and even locate you phone when it slips into the couch cushions.  Sign up for the beta here http://phonedeck.com/.

Tour Wrist

Touring property’s, travel destinations, sporting venues and vehicles has never been so easy. With a simple point of your phone and you can give a grand tour.  Check out travel destinations one minute, hotels and restaurants the next, or even look inside new homes.  With 360 degree viewing technology this app is breakthrough for business owners and marketers.  Check it out and download Tour Wrist today at http://tourwrist.com/



This photo driven navigation app aims to make getting around on foot a cinch.  It’s pimary features include  photo navigation, turn by turn directions and full maps.  Each direction accompanies a photo, so you can be assured you are in the right place at the right time. You can demo the app at http://lumatic.com  (Limited to San Fran and NYC)


I gave this mobile app praise earlier in the month and I’ll gladly do it again.  This comprehensive university campus guide is going to save freshman lives and keep the student body on point.  While OneSchool’s supported schools are limited, expect this startup to rock and roll in 2012. Learn more and download at http://oneschool.com


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