8 Life Lessons We Learned from The Ultimate Warrior Growing Up


I was saddened to learn of the passing of James “The Ultimate Warrior” Hellwig this morning. The Ultimate Warrior was an unparalleled energy in the pro wrestling universe for over a decade. The man took down Hulk Hogan for crying out loud and seized the WWF Championship and Warrior’s Intercontinental Championship in doing so. From ‘WWF Superstars’ on NES to pillow pals, it was all just very…ultimate. Thanks for the good times, UW.

Here you’ll find the, maybe not always as clear as day, life lessons left for us by the experience that was The Ultimate Warrior.

1. Be Yourself
“Normal people, the people that walk the streets every day, we cannot understand.”


2. Family First
“The family that I live for only breathes the air that smells of combat. With or without the face-paint I am the Ultimate Warrioooooorrrr!!!”


3. Challenge is Opportunity

“Come on in where nightmares are the best part of my daaaaaaaayyyyyy. I live for anger and frustration. Combat is where I will be.”



4. Loyalty

“Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel, load it with the Warriors.”


5. Snap Into It

6. Be Relentless
“To attack and keep comin’. Not to ask, but just to give. Not to want, but just to send.”

ultimate-warrior-o (1)7. Be a Pal


8. Be Unforgettable 



Get started with blues guitar with these two iPhone apps


Despite my admiration for guitar and the delta blues, I don’t usually write about it, but I’ve recently found success in fine tuning my blues guitar playing with the help of two iPhone apps.

If you’re looking to jump head first into blues guitar or simply revisit familiar B.B. King and Cash licks, you’re going to want to download the following apps for iOS:

Beginner Guitar by GuitarJamz


PanoTuner is a very quick way to get your guitar tuned where it needs to start . Tuning is always a pain, but this app makes it seemless.

GuitarJamz beginner lessons app will get you up and running on in a few days. The app’s “host” Marty Schwartz talks you through essential chords and strumming patterns. With just a few lessons under your belt you have enough material to play and practice with.

I realized this app or the content within it was special when I drilled into sections that introduced users to highly recognizable blues styles and patterns.


In the last couple of days I’ve been able to learn new licks and learn some simple essentials.

I felt so strongly about these two apps that I hammered out this post using WordPress (a great app for another day’s post) mobile over breakfast.