Thank you for letting me tell your story, Sixers.


Today, the buzzer will sound on what has been an unimaginable first step in my career. I can’t thank the Philadelphia 76ers organization enough for letting me tell their story for the past three seasons through social media, photo, video and design. I went places I never thought I’d go and worked with people who became like family.

If you told me two and a half years ago that I would be called upon to take flight with my favorite NBA team and capture every moment, I would have told you, “Never.” Well, it happened. It happened not because of me, but because of the support and trust of the 76ers, my family, and my friends.

I hope you’ve enjoyed their story as much as I’ve enjoyed telling it.

Thank you.

A Little Bit of Sports and Flipboard iOS


A look at @CSNPhilly and @Sixers on the Flipboard platform for iOS. This platform is content a consumer’s dream and a quite the opposite for some publishers. High quality images and headlines consumed via mobile.

“Businesses looking to place their content in front of their target reader will need to adapt to these changes and new media. This means…

1) a continued effort to publish content of the highest quality that readers will want to share,

2) an even further increase in the importance of headlines and images and

3) creating a following that will help drive your content to the top of these new platforms.”

QUOTE SOURCE: Jim Lodico, copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in creating powerful content and teaching businesses how to use blogs.