The New Myspace and What it has to Offer Brands



Welcome to the New Myspace! Gone are the days of feverishly stalking your latest crush, spending endless hours creating bulletins and filling out surveys that include the important questions such as “What was the last thing you touched?”

The new guys over there at Myspace have taken our old friend, added a dynamic user interface, loaded it with a robust music library and enhanced profiles to appeal to designers and musicians alike. By selecting your intended use upon registering, your New Myspace profile will enable the appropriate functions for you to do your thing (e.g. video upload for filmmakers and music upload for musicians).

Bigger and more brand friendly

Brands will have no complaints with the creative opportunity New Myspace’s 1600 x 1024 profile image yields. The new profile layout also features a 130-character allotment to describe yourself/brand.


Despite the site being deeply rooted with it’s music browsing and sharing capabilities, users are still very much able to produce text (1024 character limit), photo and video posts that can be viewed on user’s connection feeds.  Posts can then easily be shared to Twitter and Facebook.


5 Startups That Will Rock In 2012 by Jerry Rizzo


Phone Deck

Probably my most anticipated startup.  This mobile app brings your phone to your desktop.  With this app you’ll be able to make calls with just one click, send and receive SMS, organize your contacts, analyze your phone usage and even locate you phone when it slips into the couch cushions.  Sign up for the beta here

Tour Wrist

Touring property’s, travel destinations, sporting venues and vehicles has never been so easy. With a simple point of your phone and you can give a grand tour.  Check out travel destinations one minute, hotels and restaurants the next, or even look inside new homes.  With 360 degree viewing technology this app is breakthrough for business owners and marketers.  Check it out and download Tour Wrist today at



This photo driven navigation app aims to make getting around on foot a cinch.  It’s pimary features include  photo navigation, turn by turn directions and full maps.  Each direction accompanies a photo, so you can be assured you are in the right place at the right time. You can demo the app at  (Limited to San Fran and NYC)


I gave this mobile app praise earlier in the month and I’ll gladly do it again.  This comprehensive university campus guide is going to save freshman lives and keep the student body on point.  While OneSchool’s supported schools are limited, expect this startup to rock and roll in 2012. Learn more and download at


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