Social Media: Penn State’s Office of Social Media’s Geoff Rushton


I recently caught up with Penn State Office of Social Media’s social media manager Geoff Rushton to talk social strategy, trends and how social media has aided Penn State University in crisis over the past year. Geoff is a Penn State Class of 2001 College of Communications graduate with a strong background in journalism, public relations and new media management.

Established in the fall of 2011, the Office of Social Media is keeping a pulse of what is going on in the social sphere on and off campus as well as providing guidance and collaboration for individuals or organizations who want to fine tune their social efforts.

“The great thing for us at Penn State is that there are a lot of people here to learn from.” said Geoff of the benefits of exploring social media on Penn State’s diverse campus.

Dear Old State’s social media following boasts nearly 350,000 members. It’s the responsibility of the Office of Social Media to keep up with, what Geoff referred to as, a “wealth of content” ranging from the College of Agricultural Science to the Clown Nose Club. He also noted the challenges that the surplus of content brings.

When crisis emerged in the past year at the University, millions all over the world weighed in over the social media airwaves to publicize their thoughts. Geoff explains the approach the Office of Social Media took to facilitating conversations, disseminating news,  and responding to questions surrounding the “white hot” issues via Penn State’s social channels.

To wrap my conversation with Geoff I asked him a couple questions about emerging trends he anticipates in the coming year and his thoughts on the current state of the social media workspace. Geoff explains how anyone can make social media part of their career.

A very big thank you to Geoff Rushton for his time and  insight.

A Little Bit of Sports and Flipboard iOS


A look at @CSNPhilly and @Sixers on the Flipboard platform for iOS. This platform is content a consumer’s dream and a quite the opposite for some publishers. High quality images and headlines consumed via mobile.

“Businesses looking to place their content in front of their target reader will need to adapt to these changes and new media. This means…

1) a continued effort to publish content of the highest quality that readers will want to share,

2) an even further increase in the importance of headlines and images and

3) creating a following that will help drive your content to the top of these new platforms.”

QUOTE SOURCE: Jim Lodico, copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in creating powerful content and teaching businesses how to use blogs.




Famous Coffee is!


Famous Coffee is being featured on  That’s right! Yours truly.  In the spirit of National Coffee Day I created a stack (A newly added site feature) using links from my latest microblogging experiment.  It’s apparent that the team at was into it and chose to feature it on their homepage.  Very cool.

Check out the screenshot:


What is Famous Coffee?


For those of you who are not familiar, Tumblr. is a largely popular microblogging or tumbleblogging site.  In fact, the site boasts over 13 billion page views a month.  Lately I’ve been stumbling  across articles that  highlight some of the most interesting Tumblr. blogs.  My favorites include Dancing Dads, Crap At My Parents House and  Lunch Bag Art .  I’ve had my own Tumblr. account for some time, but I was inspired by what the creatives on Tumblr. were doing with these unique microblogs and decided to get creative myself.

Famous Coffee is a Tumblr. blog dedicated to posting pictures of famous figures drinking coffee.  On the blog I’ve included a complete archive and a separate page dedicated to classic coffee drinking icons.  It’s interesting to see coffee as a constant throughout time.  From Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt to Barack Obama; my coffee/celeb mashup is definitely worth a gander.


Integration 101: What’s Fueling Your Feed? by Jerry Rizzo


I’ve been frequently asked when I tell people about my interest in the social web, “How do you find the time?” or “What do you post?”.  To avoid delving into deep detail about my social media strategy I typically respond with “It doesn’t take much time” or “I post all sorts of stuff”.  The truth is that I’ve used cross platform integration to fuel my social media feeds.  When done correctly you can generate interesting content for your feed in your sleep.  Literally.


Auto-connect to:, WordPress, Tumblr. and LinkedIn


Auto-connect to: Twitter


Auto-connect to: Twitter


Auto-connect to: Tumblr. and StumbleUpon


Auto-connect to: Twitter


Auto-connect to: None

Auto-connect to: Twitter (Will post in your sleep. Told ya.)


 Auto-connect to: None.  I’ve found that Facebook integration is tough.  Too much content and your audience tunes out or un-friends you.  Still searching for the perfect way to fuel my Facebook feed.