My First Mobile Post


This is my first time posting with the mobile WordPress app for the iPhone. The app so far has allowed me to easily view, edit and publish new blog posts. I don’t publish a ton of personal photos or personal thoughts in general, but I anticipate posting a lot more photos accompanied with brief reflections more frequently.

Here goes nothin’…


Here’s an Instagram photo taken at Kotatsu in Ardmore (Suburb of Philadelphia). This was an awesome meal and experience with my family. It’s rare that I sit down with so many members of my family, but I appreciate and relish every chance I do get to.

Integration 101: What’s Fueling Your Feed? by Jerry Rizzo


I’ve been frequently asked when I tell people about my interest in the social web, “How do you find the time?” or “What do you post?”.  To avoid delving into deep detail about my social media strategy I typically respond with “It doesn’t take much time” or “I post all sorts of stuff”.  The truth is that I’ve used cross platform integration to fuel my social media feeds.  When done correctly you can generate interesting content for your feed in your sleep.  Literally.


Auto-connect to:, WordPress, Tumblr. and LinkedIn


Auto-connect to: Twitter


Auto-connect to: Twitter


Auto-connect to: Tumblr. and StumbleUpon


Auto-connect to: Twitter


Auto-connect to: None

Auto-connect to: Twitter (Will post in your sleep. Told ya.)


 Auto-connect to: None.  I’ve found that Facebook integration is tough.  Too much content and your audience tunes out or un-friends you.  Still searching for the perfect way to fuel my Facebook feed.